Manu Online API

The Manu Online API

The Manu Online API allows you to create your own integrations to your Manu Online account using our API.

To use the API you need to have a registered "Application". To create your own Application you need a "Developer account". Get a developer account by signing up below (account approval will be required).

Note that if you have been given access to a Public Application, you do not need a login here. Just get your API key from your Manu Online Integrations page and enter it to the application as appropriate.

Public or private integrations

As a devlopment partner you can develop apps either for individual customers, or you can submit your app for our approval and we can include you in our public integrations where our customers can self-service your product.

Public apps are available for all users. Private apps only for specific users.

Create your own integration to other systems such as ecommerce, in-factory MES systems etc.

Access keys

Security is based on Access Keys.

Register an Application on our developers site to get an "App ID" and an "App key". Then log into your Manu Online account (administrator role is required) and go to Admin - Licensing. Complete the licensing wizard for either the "Public Integrations" or "Private Integrations" extension. Finally go to Admin - Integrations to register the app and get the account key.


API access is included in our most popular Mini Enterprise Edition. This excludes API endpoints under the Fulfilment section. For the Enterprise and Multi-company Editions and also for the fulfilment endpoints please contact us for pricing.

Before you develop your app, you can test your data access by going to the documentation section.

For support login to your Manu Online account and use the support link.

Click here to visit the Manu Online web site.

Sign up for a Manu Online API developer account: